Philly FreezeMe

Philly Freeze-Me is an authentic Italian Ice Store located in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. The owner and founder of Philly Freeze-Me, is a Philadelphia native who enjoyed Italian ice (known as ‘water ice back home) regularly as a kid. While in Nevada, he could not find any Italian ice vendors that served authentic Italian ice like back home. With that in mind, he decided to open his own Italian ice store to bring a taste of the East to the West.

Philly Freeze-Me is catered around the kids and families in the community. The one thing the founder loves more than Italian ice is children. The store has several incentives and gives rewards to kids who have good grades in school, perfect attendance, and great marks in sports.

Philly Freeze-Me Italian Ice is made with only the best ingredients and the recipes are 100% authentic! You have not had experienced “water ice” until you have visited Philly Freeze-Me.

Vegan Friendly 
Dairy Free
No Sodium
No Cholesterol
Gluten Free
Tree nut free
Peanut Free